Corporate/Private Events

Are you wanting an affordabe and unique addition or a featured attraction for your event? We’ve got you covered as long as we are available. We can show up with our workbench and stamp custom coasters or key chains for your attendees. We provide the leather, hardware, creativity, and the experience. You simply provide us with enough space and direction on what you want your guests to walk away with. Email us for more information.

If you are looking for something a little more robust that your guests will be sure to use every day, resulting in them remembering your event every time they use it, reach out to us. We are only limited by your imagination.


  • Are there minimum order quantities?
  • Can my guests pay?
    • Not directly. We require full payment up front. This guarantees that we will be at your event and provides a gift to your guests that are free to them.
  • Can my guests tip?
    • If you would like to give your guests the ability to tip, we can have a tip jar out. This is not a requirement though.
  • Will you try to sell your own products?
    • This is completely up to you. We can have our full setup with items for sale, we can display a select few of our items as examples, or we can only focus on your event and make the custom products.
  • Is there a mileage charge?
    • If it is under 100 miles, then we won’t nickle and dime you with that. Over 100 miles and then we cannot absorb that cost.
  • How far will you travel to get to us?
  • But we really want you at our event. It is outside of your range though!
    • If you are absolutely serious, then email us and we can start working on the details. Still, we are limited to within the US.
400 Mile Radius from Anderson, IN